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The USA's largest bus company has several routes from New York City to New England, and within New England.



Greyhound buses connect New York City with Boston MA, Burlington and other Vermont cities and towns, Portland and Bangor ME.

The Greyhound Express service operated in conjunction with Peter Pan Bus, offers competitively-priced fares and frequent departures in comfortable Wifi- and toilet-equipped coaches between Boston's South Station Transportation Center and New York City's Port Authority Bus Terminal. (Most other express bus lines use street curbside loading and unloading, which may be less convenient than using the bus terminals.)

Greyhound buses connect with those of other companies, especially Peter Pan Bus Lines and Bonanza Bus, the region's major companies. More...

Here's a chart showing all bus destinations in New England. More...

The useful Greyhound Bus website allows you to search routes, schedules and fares and order tickets online.

Greyhound is a major presence in New York City's Port Authority Bus Terminal.

Greyhound now operates all the routes formerly operated by Vermont Transit.

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South Station Transportation Center, Boston MA

South Station Transportation Center, Boston MA.