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The tourist offices of the six New England states, and the information offices of various cities and towns, are happy to provide detailed maps, usually for free.




Map of New England New York City Rhode Island Connecticut Massachusetts New Hampshire Maine Vermont Click on a state for more info,
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Here are the New England Info Sources for the six New England states:

Connecticut Information

Maine Information

Massachusetts Information

New Hampshire Information

Rhode Island Information

Vermont Information

...and New York City, and Québec City.

Here's where to buy maps for planning before you arrive.

For free, detailed local maps online, try Google Maps. Here's Boston à la Google Maps. I've provided links to maps of a lot more specific places on the pages of

Highway maps, walking tour maps, topographic maps for hiking, and trail maps, are all available.

—by Tom Brosnahan

Google Map of New England

Amtrak Trains New England Map

Vermont Ski Map

New Hampshire Ski Map

Maine Ski Map

Southern New England Ski Map

Where to Go in New England

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Boston Common Visitor Center, Boston MA

Boston Common Visitor Center, Boston MA.



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