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Barre is the granite center of the world, having the world's largest quarry for the stone, and also a good number of the world's finest craftspeople to work it.


The first thing you must know about Barre is that its name is pronounced like the name "Barry," and not like a drinking place.

Guided tours of the granite quarries and the workshops are offered daily, and prove a fascinating way to spend a few hours.

The Rock of Ages granite quarry is open from the beginning of May through October, with tours every day from 8:30am to 5pm, free.

There's no more fascinating gallery of the granite artistry for which Barre is famous than in Hope Cemetery, where Barre's master stonecutters and carvers exhibited their expertise on their own gravestones. More...



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Welcome Sign, Barre VT

Above, the "Welcome to Barre" sign is made from local granite—naturally!
Below, whimsical artistry in Hope Cemetery.

Donati Monument, Hope Cemetery, Barre VT