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Driving Distances from Burlington VT:

Bennington VT: 133 miles (214 km) S, 2.75 hours

Boston MA: 225 miles (363 km) SE, 4 hours

Brattleboro VT: 154 miles (248 km) SE, 2.5 hours

Montpelier VT: 39 miles (63 km) SE, 45 minutes

Montréal QC: 98 miles (158 km) N, 2 hours

New York City: 300 miles (483 km) S, 6 hours

Rutland VT: 83 miles (134 km) S, 1.75 hours

Stowe VT: 36 miles (58 km) E, 50 minutes


Burlington's bus station (tel 802-864-6811) is at Burlington International Airport, 1200 Airport Drive No. 1 (map).

Buses run from New York City, Montreal, Hartford CT and Boston MA to these Vermont cities and towns:

—Bellows Falls
—St Albans
White River Junction

Greyhound Lines, which replaced Vermont Transit, operates all these services except for Bennington, which is a service to/from Albany NY operated by Yankee Trails.

Megabus operates buses several times daily between Boston and Burlington. More...

Here is a list of all cities and towns in New England served by bus, and the bus companies that serve them. More...


Burlington is served by USAirways, United Airlines, and Continental Airlines, with service to Albany NY,
Boston MA, Chicago IL, Cleveland OH, New York City, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia PA.


Amtrak train No. 56, the Vermonter, runs daily between Burlington and these cities (among others): Washington DC (12.5 hours), New York City (Penn Station, 9 hours), New Haven CT (7 hours), Hartford CT (6.5 hours), Brattleboro VT (3.5 hours), White River Junction VT (near Woodstock, 2 hours), and St Albans VT (30 minutes), on the Canadian border.

Amtrak train Nos. 68, 69, 70 and 71, the Adirondack, runs daily between New York City and Montreal, making the journey in 10 hours, and skirting Vermont as it runs up the Hudson River valley. Some trains stop at Port Kent NY, from which you can take a cross-lake ferryboat to Burlington. The ferry dock is near the train station. The journey between New York City and Port Kent takes 7 hours; from Montreal to Port Kent, about 2.5 hours.

To go by train between Boston MA and Burlington VT, you must take one of the frequent trains on the Boston—New York City route as far as New Haven CT, then change to the Vermonter, a trip of 9.5 hours altogether. (Driving time in a car is about four hours.)


From Boston, follow Interstate 93 north toward Manchester and Concord NH, then I-89 to White River Junction and Montpelier VT, then to Burlington. I-89 continues north to the Canadian frontier east of Missisquoi Bay.

From Montréal, take Route 15 south to the US frontier, continuing south on Interstate 87 to US 11 east via Rouses Point to US 2 south to Burlington.


From late May through mid-October, Lake Champlain Ferries can take you and your car across the lake between Burlington VT and Port Kent NY in about one hour. Even if you don't have a car, it's a nice little lake voyage. More...

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