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Newport, Rhode Island, boasts mansions of two types these days: those that are museums open to the public, and those that are still private summer residences and are emphatically not.


Believe it or not, many of these palatial houses are indeed still privately owned, maintained, and lived in.

Interestingly, in many cases the wealthy people who live in private Newport mansions are also the ones who have worked to maintain other mansions and open them to public view.

Through the efforts of the Preservation Society of Newport County, to which many of the mansion-owners belong, the marvelous houses we can tour today were preserved. To think that the Elms, perhaps the most graceful and charming of all the mansions, was to be torn down to make way for a housing development before the Preservation Society bought it, is astounding. Here's a list of the Preservation Society's mansions.

Not all the mansions that are open to the public are owned by the Preservation Society, however. Several notable houses are privately maintained and open to visitors, such as Rough Point.

Vernon Court is now the National Museum of American Illustration, and Ochre Court is the administration building of Salve Regina University.

When visiting the mansions, remember these two rules of thumb: first, figure on at least one hour per house to take it all in; second, don't try to see more than three or four houses in one day unless you have a tremendous capacity for absorbing glitter and magnificence.

More than that in one day will leave you dizzy and exhausted.

Also, try to visit the mansions on a weekday, when the crowds are smaller, saving Saturday and Sunday for Newport's other attractions. If you must go on Saturday, get there early.

For a special view, participate in the Newport Mansions Wine & Food Festival, with cooking demonstrations by celebrity chefs, a variety of tastings and meals by local and regional restaurants, a Jazz Brunch on the terrace of Marble House, and a lavish Meet the Chefs Gala at Rosecliff. More...

Among the best times of year to visit the mansions is December, when admission lines are short or non-existant, and the mansions are decorated for Christmas, with special musical and other programs. More...

Gala dinner at Marble House, Newport RI
Gala dinner at Marble House...

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The Breakers mansion, Newport RI

Above, The Breakers, grandest of
Newport's grand mansions.

Below, the Great Hall at The Breakers
decorated for Christmas.

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