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Wingaersheek Beach northwest of the center of Gloucester is a favorite with families because of its warm water, gentle seaward slope, and varied terrain.




A warning: GPS systems may send you to completely the wrong place if you're looking for Wingaersheek Beach.

Ignore your GPS! Take MA Route 128 to Exit 13—before you cross the high bridge over the Annisquam River—then follow Concord Street to Atlantic Street and the beach. Here's a map. This is the only road to the beach!

To the north of Wingaersheek Beach lie the chilly waters of Ipswich Bay, but you must walk quite a distance (depending on the tide) through warm water to reach the choppy over-your-head cold water of the bay.

To the east lies the Annisquam River, a salt-water channel that connects Ipswich Bay with the Atlantic Ocean and making Cape Ann technically an island.

At low tide, the l-o-n-g sandbar that forms the western bound of the Annisquam River channel is revealed, and you can walk for nearly a quarter mile out into the bay toward the Annisquam lighthouse. The sandbar is a natural causeway far out into the bay...until the tide comes in again and it disappears, only to re-appear in another 12 hours.

Salt water pools, deep or shallow depending on the tide, are usually warm as baths on a hot summer afternoon, and provide perfect placid places for all but the littlest kids to splash and play.

  Annisquam Lighthouse, Gloucester MA
  At the tip of the sandbar,
near Annisquam Light

The large parking lot has space for hundreds of cars, and the wide expanses of beach provide beach-blanket room for hundreds of families. The beach always has room for all, but the parking lot fills up by mid-morning on any summer weekend day. A few of the private houses along the narrow road into the beach from MA Route 128 rent parking space, but once the main lot and these few private spaces are filled, you're out of luck. The nearest alternative parking is several miles away.

Wingaersheek Beach has sufficient, if minimal, facilities—toilets, showers and a snack stand—but there is no shade on the beach, so be sure to bring your own, or at least lots of sunblock cream.

To get to Wingaersheek Beach, follow I-95 north to MA Route 128 toward Gloucester. Take Exit 13 and follow Concord Street and Atlantic Street north and east to the beach. If you miss the exit, cross the high bridge over the Annisquam River and come to a rotary (traffic circle), you've gone too far. Go all the way around the rotary and return on MA Route 128 to Exit 13.

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Wingaersheek Beach, Gloucester MA

Above, people stroll along the l-o-n-g shallow sandbar at Gloucester's Wingaersheek Beach near low tide, almost appearing to walk on water.

Left, on Wingaersheek Beach sandbar, with Annisquam Light across the Annisquam River channel.


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