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Here's a walking tour to the top sights in Concord, Massachusetts, good for all-walking, all-driving, or a combination of the two.

Civil War Monument, Concord MA
Monument Square,
Concord MA.



The top sights in Concord (map) include:

Old North Bridge, site of the first American victory in the Revolutionary War, and neighboring Old Manse.

Authors' Ridge in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, with the graves of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Louisa May Alcott, Daniel Chester French and other renowned Concordians.

Ralph Waldo Emerson house and Concord Museum

Orchard House and The Wayside, homes of the Alcott and Hawthorne families.

Walden Pond, where Thoreau lived alone for over two years.

This walk takes you from Monument Square (map) 5.2 miles (8.4 km) through Concord and back to Monument Square, about two hours' leisurely walking, not counting time spent at sites. The walk to and from Walden Pond is an additional 3 to 3-1/2 miles (4.8 to 5.6 km, 1 to 1-1/2 hours). Many people choose to walk in Concord center, but drive to Walden Pond.

Click here to download a printable .pdf file (386Kb) of this walking tour complete with map and expanded information.

If you come from Boston by MBTA Commuter Rail train, get out at the Concord station (not West Concord). It's 6/10ths-mile (1-km, 10-minute) walk east from the Concord station (known as "the Depot") to Monument Square, or a 1.7-mile (2.74 -km, 30-minute) walk southeast from the station to Walden Pond.

Start your tour in Monument Square, the heart of Concord center. Concord's Colonial Inn is at the north end of the square, the red brick Town House (municipal building) on the east side along with the Holy Family Roman Catholic church and the Old Hill Burying Ground.

With the Colonial Inn on your left, walk north along Monument Street 7/10ths of a mile (just over 1 km, 12 to 15 minutes) to Old North Bridge. The North Bridge Visitor Center is a further 3/10ths mile (500 meters) uphill from the bridge.

Return along Monument Street, but turn left on Court Lane just before Monument Square to reach Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. Walk through the cemetery to Authors' Ridge to see the graves of Concord's famous writers.

Return to Monument Square by Bedford Street, turn left and walk along Lexington Road, keeping the red Wright Tavern and tall First Parish in Concord meetinghouse (church) on your right.

It's a half mile (800 meters, 8 to 10 minutes) from Monument Square to the Ralph Waldo Emerson House and Concord Museum. Another 4/10ths mile (650 meters, 5 to 7 minutes) along Lexington Road brings you to Orchard House, and only a minute more to The Wayside.

The walk from The Wayside back to Monument Square is 8/10ths mile (1.3 km, 10 to 15 minutes). Or, just west of the Emerson House and Concord Museum, turn left on Heywood Street, then left on Walden Street, to walk to Walden Pond (1.3 miles, 2.1 km, 20 to 25 minutes): or follow the Emerson - Thoreau Amble from the Emerson House to Thoreau's house site at Walden.

The walk back from Walden Pond to Monument Square is 1.8 miles (2.9 km, 30 to 40 minutes).

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