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Parking in Boston is definitely a problem, especially if you want to do it on the cheap.



Parking meters in downtown Boston charge 25¢ per quarter-hour, and parking lots charge much more, up to $8 for the first half-hour.

Some Boston streets now have parking receipt machines instead of parking meters. You insert money and receive a paper receipt displaying the parking time purchased, which you place visibly in your car.

There are parking meters and machines on many major streets.

Minor streets are often dedicated to Resident Parking, for which your car must have a special sticker. Do not park on Resident Parking streets if your car lacks the proper sticker, or you are liable to having your car ticketed (fined) and towed away.

Some fines for parking illegally are:

Expired meter: $25

Loading Zone: $55

No Stopping zone: $75

Towing: up to $90 (plus the applicable fine)

Boston parking enforcement officers issue roughly 1.5 million parking tickets per year, earning over $65 million for the city.

If you stay for some time in Boston, do not accumulate a backlog of unpaid parking tickets: your car may be towed and impounded, held hostage until the tickets are paid.

For the visitor unfamiliar with the city, I'd suggest the large Boston Common Underground Garage (map), entered from Charles Street between the Common and the Public Garden, with moderate rates.

Another large garage is the Government Center Parking Garage, at Haymarket between Government Center and the North End, near the TD Garden and North Station.

—by Tom Brosnahan

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