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Boston's prime airport is among the busiest in the USA. It's quite close to the city center, so transport to and from the airport is relatively quick, cheap and easy.



Boston's Logan International Airport (BOS), 3 miles (5 km) east of Boston Common across Boston Harbor, is one of the busiest in the USA.

Operated by the Massachusetts Port Authority ("MassPort"), it is well organized, and has the advantage of being very near the center of the city, as airports go.

There are four terminals. Note that all international flights arrive at Terminal E, even though some inernational flights may depart from other terminals.

Terminal A

Terminal A serves Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Delta Shuttle, and Sun Country. However, international arrivals are all at Terminal E because that's where the Customs and Immigration services are located.

Terminal B

Terminal B serves Air Canada/Express, American Airlines, Frontier, PenAir, Spirit Airlines, United Airlines, US Airlways, US Airways Express, US Airways Shuttle (to New York-LaGuardia and Washington DC), and Virgin America. All international arrivals are at Terminal E, however.

Terminal C

Terminal C, which includes the former Terminal D, serves Cape Air, Emirates, and JetBlue Airway. As with other terminals, all international arrivals are at Terminal E.

Terminal E

Terminal E serves AirTran, Southwest Airlines and Sun Country, and all the non-US-based airlines including Aer Lingus, Air France, Alitalia, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, COPA Airlines, Emirates, Hainan Airlines, Iberia, Icelandair, Japan Airlines, Lufthansa, Porter Airlines, SATA (Azores Express), Swiss International Airlines, TACV, Turkish Airlines, and Virgin Atlantic Airways. Terminal E also receives all international arrivals on American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue and US Airways.

Here's the official list.

Wifi Internet

A 45-minute free, sponsored Wifi connection is offered by Boingo: if you're willing to spend a minute watching a commercial video, or completing a questionnaire, you may get free Wifi thereafter. In my experience, the free Boingo connection is slow and error-prone, hardly worth the price.

If this bush-league, nickel-and-dime service is the best Boingo—and Logan—can do, why would one take the chance of paying good money for a longer such Wifi connection?

(Compare this bush-league, nickel-and-dime service with airports in Florida, which consistently provide good, free, limitless Wifi connections to travelers.)

On-Airport Transportation

Free Logan On-Airport Shuttle Buses circulate among the terminals and connect them to the MBTA subway Blue Line train station, the Water Shuttle boats to Rowe's Wharf on the Boston waterfront, and the various parking lots.

After you claim your baggage, look for the signs to buses, taxis, and "limo," and after a few steps you'll see the stops.

Airport Ground Transportation

Here's how to go from Logan Airport into Boston by subway train, bus, water shuttle, limo (minibus) and taxi; and to other cities by train and bus. More...

Boston-Logan International Airport
East Boston MA
Tel: 1-800-235-6426 (1-800-23LOGAN)

—by Tom Brosnahan

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Subway Ticket Machines, Logan Airport, Boston MA

Planning to travel by subway or city bus? Look for these machines at Logan Airport to buy your T (MBTA) tickets.



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