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New England is not the cheapest part of the USA, but you get value for money here, whether you're buying dinner or a room for the night.



Surveys name Boston as the second most expensive city in the USA for tourists (after New York City).

The main culprit is hotel prices, but other travel expenses—parking, attractions, etc.—are up there as well.

But Boston is not all of New England, so a New England vacation need not break your budget. Besides, there are ways to enjoy even the pleasures of Boston at discounted prices.

Here are some general budget guidelines for daily costs, per person. These costs assume two people are traveling together, sharing lodging and, in the case of a rental car, transportation:

Budget Travel: $40 to $70

Stay in hostels and camping areas, travel by bus, make your own picnics at least once a day, and choose value-for-money fast food, and you can travel New England for $40 to $70 per person per day. More...

Moderate-Cost Travel: $60 to $125

Choose suburban motels and B&B guest houses near (but not in) the expensive cities and resort areas, visit cities on weekends and resorts from Sunday through Thursday, rent a car for a week or more (using your own car insurance, not the rental company's), choose restaurant meals carefully, have the occasional picnic, and you can travel for $60 to $125 per person, per day.

Comfort Travel: $125 to $200

On this budget, you can stay in city-center hotels and country inns, dine in good (but not deluxe) restaurants some days, travel by comfortable rental car, and spend from $125 to $200 per person, per day.

Luxury Travel: $200+

Living among the 1%, there's no limit to what you can spend on the top hotels, inns, resorts, cars and flights, and the best restaurants.

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InterContinental Hotel Boston:
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